Friday, 3 November 2017

Mcx Support & Resistance Level Market Update By TradeIndia Research - 3rd November 2017

International Market Update

Gold $ 1278.06 (-0.04)
$ 17.142(+0.005)
$ 3.152(+0.014)
Crude Oil
$ 54.83(+0.29)

Mcx Support & Resistance Level

Gold Oct Future Silver Dec Future
R2–29500 R2 –40050
R1-29400 R1- 39850
S1-29150 S1-39400
S2-29050 S2-39200

Crude Oil Oct Future Copper Nov Future
R2 –3600 R2 –455
R1-3570 R1-452.50
S1-3510 S1-447.50
S2-3480 S2-445

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